Exhibitions organized by AISAF or with the official participation of AISAF:

Signori, in carrozza!

The golden age of railway tourist travel

Railway Museum, 21 june 2011 – 30 june 2012

Puglia Railways History: 1855-2006

Railway Station Lecce, 16-17 december 2006

Railway Museum, 23 december 2006 – 24 february 2007

3rd Static Model Show “Between Sky and Land”

Otranto, 2004, April 10-12, Castello Aragonese, timetable: 10.00 – 13.00  16.00 – 21.00 

Steam Age (second show)

Bari-Ostuni, 2003, september 21 

Second show of the photographic collection onboard of Puglia Hystorical Special Train made for Italian Touring Club. 

Steam Age

Gioia del Colle, 2003, August 10  

Exhibition of the photographic collection onboard of Puglia Hystorical Train during its first trip organized by ATSP. 

The Railway Museum of Lecce

Campi Salentina (LE) – 2002, June 2 

Static Model Show “Città di Lecce”

Carlo V Castle, Lecce, 2002, April 19-25 

The hystorical Train of D.T.M.R. Puglia

Taranto St., 2001, August 19

“By train from Lecce to Otranto”

Maglie, Bagnolo, Otranto, May – June 1999

“The tram of the sea”

The electric tramway Lecce-San Cataldo (1898-1933) 

Lecce, December 1998 – February 1999 

S. Cataldo, July – August 1999 

The book “The tram of the sea” is available (how to buy it)