Please compile and send by e-mail or by normal mail the joining request form (available for download in Word version or pdf version).

By joining to AISAF you will have the possibility to collaborate to the initiatives and to receive the publications (postcards, books, pamphlets, videos) cured or promoted by the Association.  Each Member must contribute to the activities either by working for the association for at least 40 hours in a year or by offering a liberality contribution of at least 180 euro per year, that will be used for paying external workers.

The annual membership fee has been established in EUR 30,00. Each member will receive the Membership Card and a copy of the Charter.

The Association, as an ONLUS (Not Lucrative Organization of Social Usefullness), can receive liberality contributions that are fiscally deductible for 19% of their amount (within a total limit of EUR 2065,83). To obtain this deduction the related payment must be carried out by means of mail (postal giro account) or by personal or bank cheque, or by bank transfer to our account IBAN IT22F0760116000000017432733 (Poste Italiane) or IBAN IT39G0306909606100000140042 (Intesa San Paolo).

Railway Friends wishing to help AISAF, but unable to sustain the Member’s duties, may still contribute by offering goods as books, antiquities, papers, … or money. They will be awarded with the “Friend of the Railway Museum” Card and their names will be collected yearly in a special list.

Center: Via Giuseppe Codacci Pisanelli 3, 73100 Lecce

Postal giro account: 17432733 headed to AISAF-ONLUS  

Phone: +39 0832 228821 – +39 335 6397167